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Premium tea

Harmony in organic quality

Enjoy your fall with the diverse flavors of Just T.

Premium tea combined with natural flavors in perfection.

Premium tea

Harmony in organic quality

Enjoy your fall with the diverse flavors of Just T.

Premium tea combined with natural flavors in perfection.

La vita. la passion.

This is what makes Cellini Caffè so special.

State-of-the-art processing combined with the expertise and experience of our roasting master.

From Genoa to the whole world. Caffè bars around the world trust our unique quality.

Life is change and passion becomes tradition. La Vita. La Passione. Best coffee enjoyment since 1946.


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100 Nespresso®* capsules from our assortment

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100 Nespresso®* capsules of our Pure Origini varieties

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Preparation, recipes and expert tips

The perfect espresso.

Learn from real enjoyment enthusiasts what makes a real espresso. We will show you various recipes, which different preparation options there are and which coffee beans are particularly suitable.

You will also receive many valuable tips: Master the preparation of your coffee and enjoy “La dolce vita” to the fullest!

La Vita. La Passione.

Traditional drum roasting.

Perfection down to the smallest detail, that is the claim we have when producing Cellini espresso.

That’s why we only process the highest quality green coffee varieties from the world’s most renowned growing regions. Before a coffee bean becomes Cellini Espresso, it goes through numerous strict quality tests.


Original Italian coffee. Discover the diversity.

Original Italian coffee.
Discover the diversity.

customer testimonials

Thats what our customers say.

Perfect companions

Italian Cookies & Sweets.

Experience authentic and harmonious moments of pleasure and combine your coffee with selected, original Italian specialties. We have selected the best Tartufi truffles, amaretti biscuits and cantuccini for you. Find your favorite now.

Crunchy cantuccini

The famous almond biscuits from Tuscany. Baked twice for a perfect texture.

Soft amaretti

Soft, mellow and irresistible. Available in many variations.

Creamy tartufi

Handmade truffle specialties from Piedmont. Be sure to try it!

Cellini Caffè – beyond the rim of the cup.

From the first sip in the morning to the relaxed cup in the afternoon, coffee is an integral part of our lives. The “special” is lost all too quickly.

Where do moments of happiness, exhilaration and palpitations go? How can coffee be more than just the daily pick-me-up again? How do we give it back its deep, beguiling nature? The answer is hidden in every Cellini bean, refined through traditional and particularly gentle drum roasting.

The secret of this special treat has been preserved for decades and refined to this day. Take a look beyond the rim of the cup and let yourself be seduced by the noble soul of our premium coffee specialties. Transform your daily moment of pleasure into a true piece of Italy – buon caffè!

Espresso, crema, amore and aroma - Italian coffee that touches the senses.

Born in Tuscany, our creations are enjoyed and appreciated all over the world. The excellence and attention to detail that were already used in a small coffee roasting plant in Livorno in 1946 have been preserved: the gentle, traditional roasting process “Tostatura Lenta” unfolds complex roasted aromas in the roasting drum with its even heat.

This gives each coffee bean its unmistakable “slow roasting” taste. In exquisite blends for caffè crema, espresso, latte macchiato and many other coffee specialties: a fragrance that awakens longing, an intense taste panorama, deep black fulfilment. What daydream will the next cup take you into?

The finest coffee from the most renowned growing areas - for coffee enjoyment in every scenario.

Cellini Caffè is the pride of a fourth-generation family business that not only combines rich tradition, but also the highest quality standards under one roof. We obtain selected Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties from the world’s leading growing areas, known for their excellent quality. Beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia find their way through rigorous control procedures and our quality laboratory until our high standards are guaranteed.

Our promise “Perfection down to the smallest detail” applies to portafilters, espresso machines and fully automatic machines – in your favorite café, in the office and in your living room. Cellini Premium coffee stands for great pleasure in every cup, in every scenario.

Original Italian coffee specialties al gusto - Cellini coffee for your personal moment of pleasure.

Decades of tradition and diversity also bring with them a wide range of different products for different tastes. You can buy our premium roasted coffee as coffee beans or already ground. Are you looking for coffee capsules for your Nespresso* machine instead? Then you will find a comprehensive range of the finest mixtures in compatible capsules with us.

Fairtrade organic coffees or “Decaffeinato” varieties for caffeine-free enjoyment around the clock are also available. In addition to coffee specialties and special offers, the Cellini Caffè online shop also has excellent Italian confectionery and other little pleasures for your dolce vita.

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Simply Cellinissimo!

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