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tradition since 1946

Although the fourth generation of the family business in Genoa has one of the most modern coffee roasting plants in Europe, Cellini refines the coffee using a traditional roasting process: Tostatura Lenta, gentle drum roasting.

The technical achievements of the last decades are used to monitor and constantly optimize the high quality standards even more closely. Incidentally, our quality is regularly confirmed by certifications such as UNI EN ISO 9001:200, BRC (Grade A) or IFS (High Level) and independent tests by Öko-Test or Stiftung Warentest.

Tostatura Lenta

The “Tostatura Lenta”, which we have been using and developing in Genoa for decades, is a manual roasting process that leads to highly aromatic and particularly wholesome coffee because it gets the best out of the coffee bean.

In contrast to industrial hot-air roasting, the temperature curve for the Tostatura Lenta is much flatter. The principle is simple: the beans lie in a drum that rotates around its center.

La Vita. La Passione.

Cellini Caffè spreads Italian coffee culture in Switzerland. Also out of sheer self-interest: We are a team of connoisseurs, idealists and romantics and we fondly remember the times when you packed your car in summer and drove south on the Strada del Sole – on vacation in Italy full of wafer-thin pizza Napoli, with lots of Vino Rosso and the obligatory first real espresso right after the Dogana in Chiasso.

Moments full of deep intensity, joy and happiness. A chat, a kiss…if not now, when? It’s always the right moment to live life with passion. Immerse yourself in our world of pleasure, we have the right product for every taste and every possible use.

Buon coffee!

The Cellini Caffè team in Genoa, Italy

Sara - quality management

With a lot of love for coffee and the Italian Dolce Vita, Sara tastes your favorite coffee blends every day.

Mauro - Commercial Director

His first memory of Cellini Caffè is also what he is proud of: passion.

Umberto - Roasting Master

The search for the perfect coffee taste is his mission; coffee his life.

Mauro - production manager

From the first tile to the first coffee, Mauro accompanied the creation of the modern work.

That's what's behind Cellini Caffè's premium blends:

Best raw materials

Proven origin selected quality, combined in expressive character.


Precise aroma development through traditional drum roasting.

The result

Ideal mixtures

Our varieties offer ideal typical aroma and flavor profiles.

Perfect balance

Our master roaster guarantees perfect harmony of body, acidity and aroma.

Cellini coffee accessories

Original Italian espresso cups

For orders of CHF 35 or more, you will receive an original Italian espresso cup worth CHF 6.45 FREE IN THE SHOPPING BASKET.

To receive the cups, you must accept the gift in the shopping cart. Grazie Mille from your Cellini Caffè team.

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