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Venetian spritz, the aperitivo signature drink

Sun and Dolce Vita: the days are getting longer, just like the evenings. Perfect for the Select Spritz veneziano.

The timeless combination of sweet and tart not only inspires holidaymakers in Italy. The combination of bitters and a shot of sparkling wine has long been popular with connoisseurs in Switzerland.

You can easily prepare this cocktail, often just known as Aperol Spritz , at home, just like in an Italian bar. Instead of the Aperol, we recommend the popular Select Bitter , which stands out among the many bitters with its long tradition and balanced taste.

Its aroma is intense and complex, more than 30 botanicals are gently extracted and result in a fragrant, intense taste. Two variants of this refreshing aperitif are common, classic with spumante and a little soda or with a dash of white wine and some mineral water. As ambassadors of Italian joie de vivre and Dolce Vita, we would be happy to show you how you can enjoy this Select Spritz authentically and in the best possible quality:

How to prepare the spritz veneziano:

  • pour Spumante Ferrari Trentodoc (6cl) into a wine glass filled with ice cubes
  • add a generous dash of Select Bitter (4cl) .
  • top up with some soda
  • and garnish with a large green olive
  • enjoy in good company, salute!

For the white wine version of the Select Spritz, we recommend Marco Felluga ‘s Mongris Pinot Grigio instead of the Spumante and top it up with a little soda to your liking. Garnish with a large, green olive, as with the classic version.

Aperitivo Italiano: a bit of Dolce Vita!

This drink is ideal for a happy evening and is an integral part of the so-called Aperitivo Italiano . With us you will find everything for your moments of pleasure. Go on a culinary journey of discovery and bring a piece of Italian joie de vivre to your home with the specialties that have been lovingly put together for you. Whether hand- rolled grissini , hearty pastry specialties from Norica to fine spreads for your bruschetta. A treat for all the senses! With a Cellini Caffè you can end the evening perfectly.

Cincin & Ci Vediamo

Your Cellini Caffè team

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