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Mother’s Day breakfast

Happy Mothers’s Day! We celebrate with all mums and wish them a lot of fun with our Cellini Caffè and the sweet surprises.

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. In Switzerland, the day in honor of all mums is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and the women are given flowers. In other countries, however, things often look very different. In Spain, Mother’s Day is already this Sunday, in Russia there is no Mother’s Day at all. And in Italy?

Mothers are also duly celebrated on May 9th in our home country of Italy. A nice gesture, which is also celebrated in families in this country, is an extensive Mother’s Day breakfast . While Italian mornings are rather fast during the week, breakfast habits are very different at the weekend and especially on Mother’s Day.

Our Mother’s Day breakfast ideas

An extensive breakfast is lovingly prepared by the family members in honor of “Mum”. The cozy ceremony likes to last well into the afternoon.

Italians also like to bake fluffy white bread such as ciabatta or focaccia themselves. There is also ham and sausage specialties and lots of cheese and a glass of sparkling wine to toast. Tomatoes, grilled peppers and olives are also on the table. Sweet fruit such as grapes or honeydew melons should not be missing either.

Of course there is coffee in the individually preferred method of preparation. Above all, the Italians like it sweet. For example, Italians love “Cornetto”. This is a croissant with a sweet filling – with jam or chocolate cream. An alternative is “pane e marmellata”, i.e. a bread with jam or marmalade .

What do you give for Mother’s Day?

At the “Festa della Mamma”, mothers naturally also receive small gifts from their families, with flowers and sweet temptations always having top priority. It is said that Mother’s Day has already been renamed “Festa dei Fioristi e dei Pasticceri” (Festival of Florists and Confectioners).

Chocolates for Mother’s Day

At Cellini you will find a loving selection of small, sweet gifts to express your love and affection.

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