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Prepare espresso without a machine

How to prepare an espresso without a machine!

For many, enjoying an original Italian espresso after a nice meal at their favorite Italian restaurant is the epitome of “dolce vita”. The delicious preparation method with more than 600 flavors is also enjoying increasing popularity at home.

Many coffee lovers have now become home baristas and treat themselves to a pick-me-up from a portafilter or use the practical advantages and individual setting options of a fully automatic machine.

If you shy away from investing in the right equipment, you don’t have to do without this Italian pleasure ritual. We show you three simple ways how you can easily prepare an aromatic espresso without a machine.


Incidentally, the minimalist forms of preparation also have a whole range of advantages. In addition to the manageable costs, the effort for cleaning and care is many times lower. Fully automatic machines in particular, which can also prepare coffee specialties with milk in addition to espresso, require thorough and regular maintenance. A decisive advantage of our alternatives is the small space requirement and the possibility to enjoy espresso on the go.

Good to know: Espresso was invented in Milan around 1900. During preparation, water is replaced by finely ground coffee powder from dark-roasted coffee beans pressed.

This results in a strong and aromatic coffee, on which there is a dense, golden-brown foam layer – the crema – which contributes significantly to the aroma. In Italy it is simply called “caffè” and is served in preheated, particularly thick-walled cups .

Preparation with the espresso maker

If you love espresso like the Italians do, you will quickly lose your heart to this traditional method of preparation. The espresso maker is particularly widespread in Italy. The small, solid metal maker is often also referred to as a caffettiera or moka and gives your home Italian flair in no time at all. The unmistakable smell of coffee pervades the kitchen and the bubbling and hissing sounds like music to the ears.

In our article you will find out everything you need to prepare a tasty espresso from the espresso maker and we will explain how you can best get that little boost of energy.

All you need is an espresso maker, a stovetop, ground espresso and a few minutes of your time. Incidentally, when camping or hiking, a gas cooker is also ideal for heating.

1. Heat the water and pour it into the espresso maker

Screw on your espresso maker and fill the lower part (boiler) of the espresso maker with water up to the safety valve.

Tip: Use water that has already been preheated, so there is no bitter, metallic taste, especially with classic espresso makers made of aluminum due to the large temperature difference during the brewing process.

2. Insert filter, grind coffee and pour in

Place the funnel insert on the lower part with the preheated water. Now you can put the ground coffee in the filter. A fine to medium degree of grinding should be selected. In the Cellini Caffè Shop you will find a wide selection of different espresso blends with the perfect grain size for your espresso maker. Fill the filter and smooth out the ground coffee to create an even surface. Contrary to the preparation with a portafilter, the ground coffee is not pressed with a tamper.

3. Unscrew the top part of the cooker pot

Now screw the upper part of the cooker pot onto the lower part filled with water and ground coffee.

4. Place the espresso maker on the stove at medium to high heat

Place the espresso maker on the stove over medium-high heat. The preparation time depends on your stove type. Finished espresso bubbles out of the small riser pipe of your espresso pot.

Tip: The fine aromas are released just before the water begins to bubble. If the water boils for a long time, unwanted bitter substances are released from the coffee. Therefore, you should immediately remove the pot from the stove as soon as the water starts to boil! The residual heat allows the remaining water to rise to the top.

5. Enjoy

Now you can pour your espresso into preheated cups and enjoy. With crispy cantuccini, softly baked amaretti or tenderly melting tartufi you round off your Italian moment of pleasure perfectly.

This is how the crema succeeds

The crowning glory of an espresso is of course the crema. Golden brown, creamy and dense, it gives your espresso the finishing touch. Some espresso makers, such as the Bialetti Brikka 4 , have a patented crema valve, which creates the popular foam crown that fills the palate so pleasantly.

You can help with the traditional models with a little trick. Mix a few drops of coffee with a little sugar until you get a thick consistency. You add the mixture to your ready-made espresso, and a kind of crema forms on the surface.

Who invented the espresso maker?

The espresso pot was developed by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. “The man with the mustache” adorns many Bialetti pots as a comic figure. His son Renato continued the company and increased production considerably. Nowadays you can find the Italian design icon in almost all Italian households and here in the Cellini Caffè online shop.

Handpresso – espresso on the go

The small espresso machine for on the go works entirely without electricity. Hot water, ground coffee or an ESE pad and you can enjoy your espresso. The Handpresso builds up the necessary brewing pressure with a manual pump and is the ideal travel companion for anyone who travels a lot and doesn’t want to do without the fine taste of an espresso.


  • Use the pump to build up a pressure of 16 bar
  • Add hot water from a thermos or kettle
  • Fill the Handpresso with espresso coffee or an ESE pad.
  • Now press the valve to extract your espresso and then enjoy it.

Cellini instant espresso – enjoy espresso subito

There are many everyday situations in which the preparation of bean coffee is only possible to a limited extent or not at all. Whether on a business trip, on vacation or during outdoor activities. With our Cellini instant espresso range you can enjoy espresso “subito”.

The only soluble instant coffee made from original Italian espresso beans develops the excellent Cellini aroma in no time at all. The best coffee beans and traditional refinement guarantee incomparable cup quality.

Cellini Instant Espresso Classico is ideal for lovers of a mild and balanced coffee note, while Forte knows how to convince with a strong and full-bodied taste. Even more practical are Cellini instant espresso sticks , which already contain the exact amount for one cup.

Preparation: Simply pour hot, not boiling water into the powder and enjoy. Simply Cellinissimo! By the way, if you prepare more water, you can also enjoy a coffee lungo. Creamy compositions such as cappuccino or latte macchiato succeed with separately frothed milk.

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