Original Italiano

Nespresso®* capsules,
directly from Italy.

Nespresso®* capsules in unique coffee quality that will delight you. Whether flowery lungo, strong aromatic espresso or decaffeinated enjoyment around the clock.

Discover your favorite Cellini, the Nespresso®* capsule alternative from Italy.






Caffè Espresso

Caffè Espresso varieties

Nespresso®* capsules for intense moments.

Our Nespresso®* espresso varieties guarantee a concentrated coffee topped with a dense, hazelnut-brown layer of foam. Experience the incomparable aroma of authentic Italian coffee in capsule form for your Nespresso®* machine.

These Nespresso®* capsules are suitable for preparation with approx. 35 – 40 ml of water.

Our espresso capsules guarantee consistent enjoyment and 100% compatibility with the Nespresso®* system.

Nespresso®* Espresso Cremoso

Arabica 100%

Fruity, sweet and pleasantly sour

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Forte

Arabica 80%

Fine, full-bodied aroma and chocolaty

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Melodico

Arabica 100%

Harmonious, finely acidic and creamy

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Intense

Arabica 80%

Full-bodied taste with fruity notes

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Brioso

Arabica 60%

Full-bodied and extraordinarily intense

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Decaffeinato

Arabica 70%

Full-bodied taste without any caffeine

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Intenso 30s

Arabica 80%

Intense espresso in the practical bulk pack

CHF 12.90

CHF 8.60 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Melodico 30s

Arabica 100%

Harmonious espresso in the practical bulk pack

CHF 12.90

CHF 8.60 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Cremoso 30s

Arabica 10%

Creamy espresso in the practical bulk pack

CHF 12.90

CHF 8.60 / 100 g

Caffè Lungo

Caffè Lungo varieties

Nespresso®* capsules for long-lasting enjoyment.

You love the pleasure of a long cup of coffee with thick velvety crema? Choose from these two fine Caffè Lungo varieties, mild and fine or strong and rich.

Caffè Lungo is ideal for fragrant lovers who appreciate a smooth body with an intense aroma profile. You prepare your lungo with about 110 ml of water.

Our Lungo capsules guarantee consistent enjoyment and 100% compatibility with the Nespresso®* system.

Nespresso®* coffee Lungo Delizioso

Arabica 100%

Aromatic, strong and full-bodied

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Nespresso®* coffee Lungo Vivace

Arabica 100%

Creamy with floral-mild notes

CHF 4.30

CHF 7.82 / 100 g

Pure Origini

Caffè Espresso varieties

Nespresso®* capsules with unique character.

Discover the exclusive and unique character of our Pure Origini coffees. An exotic aromatic journey to the Amazon in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil or to the center of the Americas, Santa Rosa in Guatemala.

With these exceptional espressos, you’ll enjoy pure passion for coffee at the touch of a button.

Our Pure Origini capsules guarantee consistent enjoyment and 100% compatibility with the Nespresso®* system.

Nespresso®* Espresso Guatemala Santa Rosa

Arabica 80%

Particularly harmonious and fruity

CHF 4.80

CHF 8.73 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Espresso Brasile Mogiana

Arabica 100%

Delicate, sweet and slightly acidic, pronounced full-bodied

CHF 4.80

CHF 8.73 / 100 g

Nespresso®* capsules tasting sets for discoverers

The fulfillment for your Nespresso®* machine, original Italian coffee capsules.

Whether intense, balanced or fruity, with our tasting sets you will find your original Italian favorite Cellini. This is what your Nespresso®* machine has been waiting for!

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Nespresso®* trial set 100 capsules

10 x 10 Nespresso®* capsules, different types of coffee

CHF 39.80

CHF 7.24 / 100 g

Nespresso®* trial set 70 capsules

7 x 10 Nespresso®* capsules, different types of coffee

CHF 27.90

CHF 7.82 CHF 7.25 / 100 g


Premium blends from Italy, refined in gentle drum roasting at a fair price.

Premium blends with authentic origins.

Full flavors through slow roasting.

Best raw materials and gentle processing at a fair price.

75 years of experience guarantee consistent enjoyment.

Cellini Caffè Varieties

Nespresso®* Varieties SORTs

Nespresso®* capsules for more than coffee.

Discover hot drink specialties, like this trend from Italy: fine coffee with ginseng. You prefer it without caffeine but with intense flavor? Try the Orzo organic grain coffee for exciting specialties.

Those who appreciate a refreshing tea with lemon flavor will appreciate our tea capsule for the Nespresso®* system.

Our Viarieties capsules guarantee consistent enjoyment and 100% compatibility with the Nespresso®* system.

Nespresso®* ginseng coffee

Sweet taste with caramel notes

CHF 4.50

CHF 6.43 / 100 g

Nespresso®* Orzo organic grain coffee

Balanced, powerful and full-bodied

CHF 4.50

CHF 18.00 / 100 g


The Nespresso®* capsule alternative from Italy, simply order online.

Premium Nespresso®* capsules with Italian blends. Each variety as individual as you.


Tostatura Lenta, craftsmanship and tradition.

Traditional drum roasting, which has been used and developed by us in Genoa for decades, is a manual roasting process that results in highly aromatic and particularly digestible coffee because it brings out the best in the bean.

In contrast to the industry’s hot-air roasting, the temperature curve is much flatter in traditional drum roasting. The result is uniformly roasted beans and the ideal development of coffee aromas.

The principle is simple: the beans lie in a drum that rotates around its center. Because the drum is heated from the outside, the heat not only reaches the beans through contact with the drum, but also through the heated air inside the drum and roasts them gently.

One of the most important effects of gentle drum roasting is the so-called Maillard reaction. In the process, new compounds are formed from the amino acids of various sugars and proteins, giving rise to over 800 flavors. You know the “Maillard reaction” from the kitchen: it ensures a crispy crust on bread in the oven or the fine taste of roasting when meat is sizzling in the pan.

Industrial, fast roasting processes cannot keep up in terms of quality. The Tostatura Lenta needs not only more time, but as a traditional craft also a lot of experience, knowledge, talent and sensitivity. But you notice with every sip when you enjoy your coffee: it’s worth the effort.


Good coffee has an authentic origin and a blend with purpose.

Our roasting master and his team combine coffee beans of the highest quality from different regions from South America to Africa, from Asia to the Caribbean. When combining origin and variety, we always have an ideal typical character in mind.

Each coffee specialty has its own requirements, from authentic espresso to trendy coffee tonic as cold brew. With our Nespresso®* capsule varieties, all doors are open to you in the world of premium coffee and you always get a perfect fit.

We identify the origin in each of our creations, out of respect for the origin and the work that makes this wonderful natural product possible.

The true art of creating premium quality Nespresso®* capsules lies in combining these different characters, the blend.

Similar to the great cuvées of wine and sparkling wine, e.g. Bordeaux or Champagne, the origin and selection of the varieties play a decisive role in the aroma of the specialty coffee.

There are many factors we consider when creating a coffee blend. The aroma, acidity, body and bitterness of the coffee. In the end, over 75 experience and the expertise of our team, guarantee consistent quality of our Nespresso®* capsules.

Once you have found the right variety for your needs, you can concentrate fully on your Nespresso®* creations.

Nepsresso®* capsule alternative from ITALY

The Deep Dive: These are Nespresso®* capsules from the home of espresso.

Than Nespresso®* capsule system was introduced over 30 years ago, it was done with the vision of obtaining an espresso or caffè lungo at the touch of a button that could rival the freshly made specialties of Italian espresso bars: the perfect combination of strong body and thick, velvety crema – practically pre-portioned and hot at the touch of a button. This innovation changed our daily coffee ritual.

Cellini Caffè’s Italian Nespresso®* capsule alternative fulfills the original wish of capsule visionaries: to preserve the full aroma of the coffee bean and create an espresso just like in Bella Italia at the touch of a button. The fine flavor created by our traditional “slow roasting” roasting process is preserved and comes out like freshly ground coffee from your Nespresso®* capsule machine.

In our online Nespresso Boutique, you can conveniently buy Nespresso®* capsules of different blends. You will find blends suitable for espresso, caffè lungo and other specialties, the Varieties. With a milk frother, you can conjure up creamy espresso and milk compositions, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, in no time at all. Simply Cellinissimo!

Nespresso capsules are available in some supermarkets, grocery stores and retail stores. In addition, there are special Nespresso boutiques and stores that exclusively sell Nespresso capsules and accessories.

Original Italian Nespresso capsules from Cellini Caffè can be conveniently ordered online. Our online Nespresso Boutique offers a wide range of capsules and accessories for the German market.

Only Nespresso capsules designed for this use are suitable for use in Nespresso machines . Coffee capsules designed for third-party systems such as Dolce Gusto are not compatible with Nespresso machines and may even damage them.

Cellini Caffè Nespresso capsules are 100% compatible with Nespresso Original machines . For the coffee capsules applies – as for all Cellini products – the refinement in gentle long-term roasting. You get an authentic coffee, like at the Italian restaurant.

A coffee lungo is an espresso drink prepared by adding more hot water than usual. Unlike an espresso, where only about 30-40 ml of water is forced through the coffee powder, a lungo uses more water – usually about 110 ml.

This results in a longer, milder tasting coffee that still has full flavor and an intense aroma. A Caffè Lungo is prepared from a Nespresso capsule and served in a larger cup.

Nespresso Lungo capsules are the right choice for lovers of smooth coffee that retains the full flavor of an espresso.

That's what's behind Cellini Caffè's premium blends:

Best raw materials

Proven origin selected quality, combined in expressive character.


Precise aroma development through traditional drum roasting.

The result

Ideal mixtures

Our varieties offer ideal typical aroma and flavor profiles.

Perfect balance

Our master roaster guarantees perfect harmony of body, acidity and aroma.

Cellini coffee accessories

Original Italian espresso cups

For orders of CHF 35 or more, you will receive an original Italian espresso cup worth CHF 6.45 FREE IN THE SHOPPING BASKET.

To receive the cups, you must accept the gift in the shopping cart. Grazie Mille from your Cellini Caffè team.

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