Antica Tartufi dolci 40s Classico Mix


Our lovingly assembled blend of the finest Italian chocolate truffles from the Piedmontese manufactory Antica. A colorful mix of 10 different varieties.

  • 4 x Neri – dark chocolate with hazelnut cream and roasted hazelnut pieces
  • 4 x Bianco – white chocolate with roasted hazelnut pieces and a hint of vanilla
  • 4 x Caramello e nocciole e salate – white chocolate with caramel and salted hazelnuts
  • 4 x Cioccolato al latte e nocciole caramellate – Milk chocolate with caramelized hazelnuts
  • 4 x Pralinato – dark chocolate with white torrone nougat pieces
  • 4 x Panna Cotta – white chocolate with cooked cream covered with cocoa powder
  • 4 x Stracciatella – white chocolate with dark chocolate chips
  • 4 x Al Pistacchio – White chocolate with Sicilian pistachios
  • 4 x Al Cocco – with exotic coconut
  • 4 x Al Cappuccino – white chocolate with real Arabica coffee


Antica Torroneria Piemontese

The passion for artisanal tradition, the love for the origin of the products used and the bond with their own history determine the outstanding quality of the products from Antica Torroneria near Alba. Despite constantly striving for innovation, the company has remained true to these principles to this day. Time plays a very important role here: only if this “ingredient” is used to a sufficient extent will the incomparable Tartufo be obtained as a result.

Tonda gentile from the Langhe region

The basis For Tartufo Dolce Mix grande is one of the most precious products that the Italian region of Langhe produces, the sweet, aromatic, round Piedmontese hazelnuts, the Tonda gentile. A nut that has made the region world-famous and gives the products of this manufacturer this glamorous character and extraordinary taste. They are the basis for the famous truffle pralines, which consist of over 40% IGP hazelnuts, cocoa mass and cocoa butter.