Espresso Crema Speciale + 1 latte macchiato for FREE

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Your espresso with character.

Lass dich von unserem Röstmeister beraten.

Umberto Durante

Espresso beans tasting set, the specialist.

Order 2 x 1 kg Espresso Crema Speciale and you will receive 1 Cellini Latte Macchiato glass as a gift.

The exquisite combination of the best Arabica varieties from Central and South America in perfect harmony with selected high-quality Robusta varieties gives our Crema Speciale a creamy and seductive taste.

This mixture is ideal for preparing espresso milk specialties such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Espresso has its origins in Milan. Hot water is forced at high pressure through very finely ground coffee. Here in Italy, it is just called Caffè.

It is often assumed that Italian espresso is a special type of coffee bean. In fact, these beans are nothing other than regular coffee beans, which are qualified only by the special refinement and special way of preparation.

Before consumption, we recommend you to drink a sip of water to neutralize the taste in the palate and to get you in the mood for the espresso pleasure. You can crown your pleasure experience by enjoying a piece of chocolate with your espresso.

Central and South America


Tasting is basically about two elements. Aroma and flavor. Coffee owes its aroma to hundreds of molecules that stimulate our sense of smell. Well-known flavors are chocolate, fruits, cereals, etc.


Taste, on the other hand, is what we perceive when we hold a sip of coffee in our mouth. A distinction is made between real taste perceptions. Sweet, bitter, and sour.

Tactile sensations

The tactile sensations concern what you perceive when you slowly swallow the warm coffee. Roundness, softness and viscosity of the coffee.

The water temperature for preparation should ideally be between 88 and 95 degrees Celsius. Espresso is prepared at a higher temperature, which should be between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius.

Be careful not to use boiling water, as this will destroy the aromas contained in the coffee.


Experience the passion. For each individual bean.

Traditional drum roasting since 1946

Varied aroma and full-bodied flavor.

If you choose your coffee based solely on the origin and quality of the green coffee, you are ignoring an important consideration. Crucial to the aroma of your favorite coffee is roasting, which sets several important processes in motion.

The heat causes the beans to lose water and thus weight. At the same time, the formation of water vapor increases its volume. This chain reaction gives rise to the typical, diverse coffee aromas that turn your coffee moment into an experience. It is all about the optimal development of the aroma substances – in every single bean.

With a lot of tact, experience and passion, we get the best out of the high-quality beans through the traditional art of roasting. The difference you smell and especially taste.

The right grain size for your perfect moment of pleasure.

For your perfect moment of pleasure, we recommend that you always grind your coffee fresh before brewing.

Coffee can be ground fine, medium and coarse. The respective grain size of the coffee powder has an influence on the extraction time and the taste.

Espresso coffee is ground very finely. For one cup you need 7 g of coffee powder and a steam pressure of 9 bar. You have found the right grind for your espresso when approx. 25-30 ml of coffee flows into your cup within 25-30 seconds.

For preparation in an espresso maker, a medium grind is best.

A Caffè Lungo prepared with a filter coffee machine or French press requires a coarser grind.

  • Fine – portafilter, fully automatic coffee machine
  • Medium – espresso maker, aeropress, hand filter
  • Coarse – French press, filter coffee, Karlovy Vary pot, syphon


Espresso Crema Speciale + 1 latte macchiato for FREEideal for your portafilter and fully automatic coffee machines.

Our master roaster Umberto Durante recommends the use of a portafilter machine to prepare this blend. The special extraction process gives your espresso its unique taste and aroma.

This blend is equally suitable for preparation in a fully automatic coffee maker.

If you love the little ritual of grinding, you can also use this variety wonderfully for the preparation of a moka, French press or filter coffee machine.

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That's what's behind Cellini Caffè's premium blends:

Best raw materials

Proven origin selected quality, combined in expressive character.


Precise aroma development through traditional drum roasting.

The result

Ideal mixtures

Our varieties offer ideal typical aroma and flavor profiles.

Perfect balance

Our master roaster guarantees perfect harmony of body, acidity and aroma.

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