Commitment to climate protection

Sustainable coffee enjoyment.

Sustainability is a journey in several stages. Here you will find an overview of our measures.
Follow our green symbol for conscious coffee enjoyment and choose products that make a difference – for you and for the environment.

sustainable production

The energy for the manufacture of all Cellini products is obtained exclusively from hydropower and solar energy.

Recyclable product packaging

95% of all Cellini Caffè cardboard boxes have already been converted to sustainable forestry and are certified with the FSC seal.

Recyclable shipping packaging

For packages, we use recyclable or filling material made from renewable raw materials and make sure that packaging material is used sparingly.

Mauro - production manager

Sustainability project 2030

Our belief.

Our production manager Mauro accompanied the construction of the Cellini Caffè roastery in Genoa, from the first tile to the first coffee. Mauro and his team work every day to enable the sustainable production of first-class coffee. We use the latest technologies and measure ourselves against established standards. From energy generation to production to shipping, we want to achieve carbon neutrality.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we have a big goal in mind. At this point you will soon find out more about our sustainability project 2030…

Mauro - production manager

Sustainable Shipping

Swiss Post per clima

Your package will be sent climate-neutrally throughout Switzerland with Swiss Post – at no additional cost to you. The emissions caused by shipping are offset by investments in global climate protection projects.

To offset emissions, high standards are set and projects are selected based on their environmental and community benefits. This means that the climate-neutral pro-clima service not only offsets emissions. Together we also make a contribution to promoting the economy in less developed countries and improving the living conditions of the local people.

Sustainable Trade


The independent Fairtrade seal gives you the assurance that international standards for fair trade are met.

With the purchase of Fairtrade coffee you make a contribution to improving the living and working conditions of smallholders in the producing countries and to promoting environmental protection.

Sustainable Cultivation

Certified organic coffee

At Cellini Caffè you will also find certified organic coffee. The organic seal guarantees that fertilizers and chemical pesticides are not used. In addition, no genetic engineering is used and the coffee is cultivated in mixed cultures to promote biodiversity. The selection of organically certified coffee on the world market is currently still small, so we cannot completely change our range. However, we are constantly working on expanding our range in order to offer you the usual Cellini Caffè enjoyment in organic quality.

Achieving more together

What you can do.

Save packaging and CO² emissions:
With our special offers

Each of us can make a difference on the way to a sustainable world. With our attractive special offers, you can enjoy more sustainably and benefit at the same time.

Our special offers are bundles that enable us to use less packaging material and make transport more efficient. This is how we reduce the impact of shipping on the environment.

If you order larger quantities and store your coffee, you don’t need to worry. Our airtight and aroma-tight packaging protects the incomparable Cellini Caffè aroma for up to 24 months and guarantees a long shelf life.

That's what's behind Cellini Caffè's premium blends:

Best raw materials

Proven origin selected quality, combined in expressive character.


Precise aroma development through traditional drum roasting.

The result

Ideal mixtures

Our varieties offer ideal typical aroma and flavor profiles.

Perfect balance

Our master roaster guarantees perfect harmony of body, acidity and aroma.

Cellini coffee accessories

Original Italian espresso cups

For orders of CHF 35 or more, you will receive an original Italian espresso cup worth CHF 6.45 FREE IN THE SHOPPING BASKET.

To receive the cups, you must accept the gift in the shopping cart. Grazie Mille from your Cellini Caffè team.

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